MOHAI in South Lake Union

The Museum of History and Industry made the move from Montlake to South Lake Union a couple of months ago. If you haven’t visited yet, the museum is housed in the restored Naval Armory building, located in Lake Union Park at 860 Terry Ave N. A permanent exhibit titled True Northwest: The Seattle Journey documents the city’s beginnings as a frontier town and traces its progression to current times. An upcoming exhibit will focus on Seattle’s Floating Homes, which should be especially relevant to Eastlake residents. MOHAI is open daily; check its website for other exhibits, hours, and holiday closures. It’s a nice walk or bike ride from Eastlake to the museum, or check out Metro’s trip planner to find the easiest bus route.

MOHAI from above

Photo credit: MOHAI

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Farmers Market Season Coming Up

Heirloom tomatoes, fresh pea vines, goat milk feta, pimiento peppers, fresh baguettes, Newtown Pippin apples . . . if you haven’t checked out Seattle’s crop of Farmers Markets, here are links to ten of them. Three of the neighborhood Farmers Markets are run by Seattle Farmers Market Association while an additional seven are run by the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance.  Most markets get underway in spring or summer and stay open until fall, but a couple operate year-round. Links to individual markets (below) give locations, days and hours, parking areas and other info.  And remember to take your reusable shopping bag!

Ballard Wallingford Madrona Broadway Columbia City Lake City

Magnolia Phinney University District West Seattle

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Eastlake History: Apartment Buildings

If you live or work in in Eastlake, you know that finding street parking can be a challenge sometimes. Newer buildings like apartments and condominiums have replaced many of the original single-family homes and increased the neighborhood’s density, but multi-unit buildings have long been a part of Eastlake’s history.

The article Eastlake History, written by Chris Leman of the Eastlake Community Council, mentions that many well-built apartments were constructed in the neighborhood during the first thirty years of the twentieth century. At that time Eastlake Avenue was a main streetcar route, and many apartment residents did not have cars; this explains why on-site parking was not included (and still does not exist!) at many of these buildings. The streetcars have long since been replaced by Metro buses, but many charming and attractive examples of these original apartment buildings still exist in Eastlake today, including the Linda Vista at 92 East Lynn Street.

Source for historical information:

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Wednesday Lunch: Where Ya At Matt?

For the past few weeks, on Wednesdays, I head down the road to South Lake Union to get a sandwich at “Where Ya At Matt“, a food truck that parks itself at the park on Pontius Ave and Thomas St.

I always ask for a special combo poboy with fried shrimp and andouille, then I walk my sandwich over to Espresso Vivace for a cappuccino, and life is good.

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Dinner at Ravish

Well blog readers, summer is over, fall is here. It’s time for me to store the kayak, eat some nice food, and write a blog post about it.

I have a new favorite restaurant in Eastlake. Ravish is tucked in with the shops on the north end of Eastlake Ave at Alison St. They’re small, they’re friendly, and their food and drinks are delicious.

Let me elaborate. They’re not just regular friendly, they’re the neighborhood kind of friendly, which means you can actually get to know them. Within five minutes of meeting Nick the manager we discovered that we each grew up in suburbs of Washington DC, pretty close to each other. You don’t meet many east-coasters out here. If you stop by Ravish you’ll probably also meet Luke the bartender, which is a good thing, his cocktails are impeccable. There’s also Lisbet the owner and Kelly the chef, but they’re a little harder to catch. You might try mentioning that you write for your neighborhood blog, but even then they might respond that some guy in the neighborhood said that very same thing early in the summer and then took three months to actually write the blog post he promised. I digress.

Ravish serves small plates of food, family style. The menu rotates frequently, so check out the chalkboard menu when you walk in. Add to all this the stylish, carefully-chosen decor, and the restaurant has a handmade quality feel to it.

Here’s the Ravish website and blog.

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Upcoming Event: Cruise the Lakes on July 21, 2011

Looks like this is sponsored by the Eastlake Community Council.  I have not yet gone to any of their events, I don’t know what to expect, but I’ll check this out.

Flyer for lake cruise event

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What’s New at the Zoo?

So a couple days ago I’m strolling along Lynn St, minding my own, and I happen to notice this platform outside the Eastlake Zoo Tavern.

Naturally I wonder what’s going on at my favorite neighborhood bar.  Well, the mystery is soon solved:  it’s the base for a late-night hot dog stand!  As if the Zoo could get any better, now you can buy a Hell Yea dog.

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Help find Mort, the lost cat

Flyer for Mort the Lost Cat

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Bastille Day Petanque Tournament

Bastille Day Petanque Tournament in Eastlake

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Local website: Seattle Disconnect

A few days ago, the day of the Zoo Tavern’s potluck, I was sitting at the bar, minding my own, drinking a beer, as I usually do.  I was feeling friendly so I struck up a conversation with my bar-neighbors.  I learned that we had all moved in to Eastlake at about the same time – September 2010.

We got to talking about photography, and it turned out that John takes photos at live shows and does a little writing for the  The blog looks like a good source of local music news.

I can say from my own failed experiments of live-show photography that it’s hard to get the lighting right.  John seems to do that particularly well.  Check it out!

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